Things to expect in 2024

As we move into the new year, we’re excited for what the future holds. Here are some trends that you can look out for in the near future.

  1. Digital Printing: The shift towards digital label printing continues to grow, allowing for more customisation, shorter print runs, and quicker turnaround times.
  2. Sustainable Labelling: Increasing awareness of environmental concerns has led to a rise in demand for sustainable label materials and eco-friendly printing practices.
  3. Smart Labels and RFID Technology: Integration of technology into labels for functionalities such as tracking, authentication, and interactive consumer experiences.
  4. Augmented Reality (AR) Labels: Utilising AR technology to provide consumers with additional information or interactive experiences when viewing labels through a compatible device.
  5. Personalisation and Variable Data Printing: Brands are increasingly using personalised labels to connect with consumers on a more individual level, often achieved through variable data printing.
  6. Minimalistic Design and Clear Labels: Clean and simple designs are gaining popularity, along with the use of clear labels, allowing product visibility while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

For all of these and any other printing needs, chat to us today so we can get you a professional quote.

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