Introducing the compact, connected label printer that fights off germs and bacteria.

Protect your customers and staff at your printing station with Citizen Systems’ new CL-H300SV
label printer equipped with innovative self-protective housing technology and disinfectant ready
case. The modern looking printer has derived from the successful CL-E300EX label printer but
with a twist – the unique printer has an anti-microbial case which suppresses bacterial growth and
protects the printers against bacteria build-up. Perfect for ensuring that the high standards of
cleanliness and hygiene are kept up in hospitality, retail and healthcare environments.

Due to the successful launch of Citizen System’s anti-microbial and disinfectant ready POS
printers last year, they decided to launch a label printer with the same protective technology which
helps businesses combat bacteria. Therefore, offering customers a complete suite of protective
printing solutions that they can use across their entire business. The CL-H300SV was not only
designed to withstand the harsh chemicals of disinfection products but to stop bacteria in it’s
tracks too. The technology within the casing and the printer itself has an SIAA mark fulfilling ISO
22196 which further reinforces that it is engineered to deliver effective results against bacteria
growth and are designed to the highest industry standards. This makes the CL-H300SV a great
tool to add to your arsenal when fighting bacteria and germs and to ensure that printing stations
are kept clean and safe in your hospital, shop, restaurant, kitchen or café.

The compact design also makes the CL-H300SV perfect for fitting into tight spaces, especially in
healthcare environments where space is scarce. The simple box design ensures cleaning is easy
without the need to awkwardly get into hard-to-reach places and thanks to it’s user-friendly
operation and 90 degree Hi-Lift and Click-Close mechanism media can be changed quickly. The
flat, front exit design makes the CL-H300SV ideal for all hospitality printing applications where
food and drink spillages are commonplace including takeaway delivery labels, click and collect
food order labels and fresh food labels.

Available in white only, the CL-H300SV offers ultra-modern aesthetics, allowing it to fit in
seamlessly with a wide range of working environments in hospitality, retail and healthcare.

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